January Plan – Memory Training

Goal: Successfully Memorize a shuffled Deck Of Cards by 31 January 2017

Baseline: Not Yet Established

Reason: Memory Training is recommended in both Cal Newport’s Deep Work and Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Chef. Training memory systems can be used as a basis for further learning and improving focus.

Tools: Originally, I was going to us the P-Memory course, which has  an excellent free introductory PDF and video available covering the chain and Cicero method. After some research however, I have decided to start with the Quantum Memory audiobook by world memory Champion Dominic O’Brien.

Plan: Quantum Memory is roughly 6.5 hours long. Over the next three days, I will spend about two hours per day working through the book. After that point, I will seek another book or course to work through. As stated in my first post, I have no idea what I am doing, but I will continue to update this blog as I learn and progress.


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