1 January

Exercise: None, on the road back from in-laws

Nutrition: I’m scared to do the math, McDonalds and Papa John’s

Reading: Working through the last few pages of Poor Charlie’s Almanac

Audio: The Art of The Deal and my most listened to 2016 playlist (thank you Spotify)

Learning: Worked through Chapter 1 of Quantum Memory, it mostly just covered linking, but I am excited to continue the book. I am moving to a one chapter a day schedule instead of the original two hours per day plan. This will be more sustainable and will keep me in practice for a longer period of time.

Other Thoughts: I started today with good intentions of fasting, but as lunch approached, I became angry and decided it would not be fair to subject my fiancé to a car ride with angry me. I went to McDonalds because it was the first place I found, but as I pulled out, I realized there was a Five Guys across the street. If I had been patient or done my research, I could have gone there and eaten a bowl instead of loading myself with undeserved carbs. This won’t happen again.


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