2 January 2017

Exercise: Crossfit Open 11.2 (6+29)

Nutrition: 175P/145C/95F

Reading: I didn’t (boo)

Audio: Bo Burnham (incredibly clever comedy, worth the “wasted” time)

Meditation: One session (20 minutes) of Transcendental Meditation, though some of the organization is somewhat cultish, I have found the practice to work nicely as a start to my day. Two sessions are recommended, but I rarely make the second session.

Learning: Worked through Chapter 2 of Quantum Memory, covering the Journey method. Dominic O’Brien (the author) successfully talked me through a method I had long pushed against but now intend to use religiously.

Other Thoughts: I spent the overwhelming majority of my day on the couch with my lovely fiancé watching Dexter. Though self improvement is important, my relationship with her is more important (see image above). Self improvement is pointless if it makes everyone around you think you’re a dick. After weeks of being surrounded by family, it was nice to finally have some relaxed alone time with her.


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