3 January 2017

Exercise: Descending Back-Squat Ladder 10 down to 1 (175 for 10-6 185 for 5-2 205 for 1)

Nutrition: 185P/139C/120F (Over on fat, which I’m okay with, Nutrition post to follow)

Reading: I finally finished Poor Charlie’s Almanac. My mentor and I had a discussion about reading one book at a time and I may experiment with that method.


  • Legacy of Ashes by Tim Weiner (an excellent history of the CIA)
  • Sugar by Maroon 5 on repeat during the work day (I believe strongly on using one song repeated to help focus)
  • Part Two of The Power Broker by Robert A. Caro (One of the best biographies I have ever listened to, I would strongly recommend picking it up on Audible)

Meditation: Two sessions (20 minutes) of Transcendental Meditation, the second session was definitely more intense than the first.

Learning: Worked through Chapter 3 of Quantum Memory, covering faces and names memorization, though it is hard to do in an audio book, I will be using the method to help me remember legislators and their aids this session.

Other Thoughts: 

  • This was my first day back at work since Christmas, I am so lucky to have a career I  love right out of college.
  • Yerba Mate from a gourd with a bombilla is a game changer. I have an anathema for coffee, so I am a tea fanatic. In my unpopular opinion, people just pretend to like coffee due to social pressure. The bombilla is infinitely better than steeping bags of Mate.
  • Someone is following this blog which is kind of cool and unexpected, thank you follower!

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