4 January 2017

Exercise: Pulling Annie (16:42)

Nutrition: 172P/144C/99F

Reading: I’m now back to Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris. The book is divided into sections (healthy, wealthy, and wise), and I’m in wealth at the moment. If nothing else, the book is thought provoking, but for me, this is one of the best books I’ve read. I have also gifted it several times already and it has only been out for a month.


  • The Art of The Deal
  • TOPXMM (Twenty One Pilots and Mute Math collaboration album)

Meditation: One session (20 minutes) of Transcendental Meditation,.

Learning: Worked through Chapter 4 of Quantum Memory, several systems of remembering numbers. I also discovered a workbook that comes with the audio (brilliant idea) and I am working through it during lunch each day now. Dominic’s British dialect makes the book quite enjoyable for an anglophile.

I was tempted to buy a memory course on UDemy, but I resisted temptation in order to work on learning to not throw money at a problem when you already own a solution.

Other Thoughts: 

  • Today I got to do some deep work at my office, and it resulted in an excellent meeting with my top client. I am very excited to continue with “the work that’s on your desk” method of expanding my book of business. (Thank you Charlie Munger)
  • I am now noticing how often I am lost in thought, and it is making me consider moving back to a mindfulness based meditation instead of TM.
  • Wedding planning is much more stressful than I anticipated, mainly in the respect that I do not wish to have the majority of my family attend, but am stuck inviting them due to social conventions. This makes me even more grateful for my supportive wife-to-be and her incredible family.

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